KIA Foundation, an NGO formed under Registration No. E-8576 (Thane), has relentlessly been working towards serious healthcare issues like creating Awareness, Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Oral, Breast and other forms of Cancer.

The decision to start the NGO was initiated by Mr Anup Kewalram Khilnani after he lost his sister due to breast cancer. At the young age of 36, she was diagnosed with Cancer Stage-3 in 1974 and underwent the surgery (Mastectomy) at Tata Memorial Hospital in January 1975. However, when it failed to get desired results, she went to USA for her further treatment where she received radiotherapy. However, she could not survive and she passed away in 1976.

As destiny would unfold, 39 years later, her daughter was also diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2013. However, since it was detected at early stage (1A), she underwent chemotherapy and radiation in best hospital, completed her treatment in November 2013 and is fully recovered.

Unfortunately, even Mrs. Hansa Khilnani’s father had been a Cancer patient who, despite the best possible treatment, passed away when she was just 6 year old.

These incidents inspired both, Mr Anup Khilnani and Mrs Hansa Khilnani, to seriously take on Cancer and devote themselves to help Cancer patients and their families towards early diagnosis and better treatment, specially for the under privileged.

The Board of KIA Foundation comprises of Mr Anup K Khilnani as Founder, Mr Venugopal as treasurer , Mr Ankush V Gupta as joint secretary and  Mrs Hansa Khilnani as Trustee and Incharge of Management Affairs.

In addition, KIA Foundation has enthusiastic team comprising of Mr Ajay Chavan and others who work selflessly and relentlessly at front and behind the scenes to make arrangements to ensure all Events go perfectly in accordance with plan right from the word go.