Awareness Camps

Picture 078Picture 057Picture 069Picture 072Picture 074Picture 075Copy (3) of Picture 113 Copy (3) of Picture 114 Copy (3) of Picture 115 Copy (4) of Picture 117 Copy (5) of Picture 118 Copy (6) of Picture 119 Copy (6) of Picture 120 Copy (7) of Picture 121 Copy of Picture 112 Copy of Picture 122 Picture 107 Picture 108 Picture 109 Picture 110 Picture 111KIA Foundation is actively involved in conducting campaigns for awareness of Oral, Breast and others forms of Cancer by way of distributing IEC materials, sharing information verbally and through social media like Facebook and Whatsapp.

KIA Foundation has made a Booklet on Breast Cancer self-examination in local languages to help women remain aware of general symptoms of all forms of Cancer. These booklets are distributed Free on from Ambernath to CST Mumbai Railway Stations.